Weekly Bulletin April 7th - 14th
Nate Greene
Monday, April 09, 2018

Weekly “Wildcat” Bulletin 

Week of – April 7th- 14th 

Saturday, April 7th 

State FBLA, Pick up – 10:30 – 12:30am – Bus #13 – Tom 

Monday, April 9th 

Mr. Ptomey gone 

Ms. Lester gone – Sub is Mrs. Tullis 

Ms. Smoot PM – Jacinda Frank 

NeSa testing – Middle school – 8:00am 

Cheerleading Open Gym – 6:30 -8:30pm 

Tuesday, April 10th 

Mrs. Shanahan gone – Sub is Mrs. Rath 

Mrs. Sukstorf gone – Sub is Mrs. Tullis 

Mrs. Bowder gone – Sub is Jacinda Frank 

Mr. Egger gone – ESU Sub 

Ms. Stansberry gone – Mr. Larson & Mr. Hendericks 

Varsity Track & Field at Lyons-Decatur – 10:00am to 6:00pm, Leave at 7:45am, Bus #14 – Mr. Egger 

Wednesday, April 11th 

Dustin gone 

Mrs. Hegy gone – Sub is Mrs. Rath 

Ms. Soderling gone – Sub is Sivell 

5th Grade – Nesa testing 

Varsity Boys Golf at Leigh – 9:00am, Leave at 7:00am, Van #1 – Mrs. Hegy 

Athletic Committee – 7pm 

Thursday, April 12th 

Mr. Ptomey gone 

Shelly gone 

Ashley gone 

Roxanne Leave at 12:00 

Ms. Soderling gone – Sub is Mrs. Rath 

5th Grade NeSa Testing 

Dare Graduation – 2:30pm 

Spring Band Concert – 7:00pm 

Friday, April 13th 

Mr. Ptomey gone 

Jordyn gone 

Roxanne gone 

Shelly gone 

Ms. Woita gone 

Ms. Soderling gone – Sub is 

Mrs. Bowder gone – Sub is Mrs. Ptomey 

Ms. Foster gone – Sub is Mrs. Rath 

Preschool Field Trip – Mahoney State Park – Leave at 8:55am – Return at 1:15pm – Bus #14 – Caren 

Science Field Trip – Eastern Ne Research Center – Leave at 8:00am, Mead – Bus #13A – Elton 

Saturday, April 14th 

High School Prom – 7:30pm 

Prom Grand March – 8:00pm 

Post Prom – 12:00am to 3:00am