Senior Pages in Annual
Senior Pages in Annual
Dawn Hansen
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Reminder! March 1st Deadline!!!

Once again, the Cedar Bluffs’ Yearbook is offering Senior Students several options to personalize their spot in the Yearbook. Seniors and their Parents may choose any or all of the following options. Please return this completed sheet, with quotes and dedications written on the back, and attach Payment, No later than March 1st.  Please e-mail the photos to,  You MUST return this sheet and optional Payment to Mrs. Chrisman or drop off at the main office.  Make Checks Payable to: Cedar Bluffs Public School     Memo: Senior Yearbook Page 

Put an X next to your selections and then complete the total cost on the line below. Please check Payment Method.  ________Head Shot Senior Photo & Name     $0 (No Cost)

 ________ Additional (2nd) Senior Photo      $5 

________ Additional (3rd) Senior Photo      $5 

________ Baby Picture        $5 

________ Additional (2nd) Baby Photo      $5 

________ Parent Dedication Letter (less than 50 words)    $5

________ Student Quote (School Appropriate- less than 20 words)  $5 

Paid By   ___Check       ___ Cash                           

Total Cost  $ ____________