The CBHS Transportation Department’s #1 priority is student safety. We’ve taken steps to address safety including but not limited to having clear student expectations of behavior and conduct. 

The department operates many routes, including routes into Fremont and surrounding rural routes. CBHS also provides transportation for school field trips, athletics, and activities as requested. We currently have 7 professional bus drivers.

If you request transportation please be aware that you may not get it depending on current bussing rosters and seat openings. It is a first come first serve basis with rosters being created at the beginning of the school year.


Transportation Director: Thomas Brinkman

We have started a bus referral system based on district handbook rules for student behavior on our buses. If a student's behavior is in question a bus referral form will be filled out by the bus driver and presented to the transportation director. The transportation director will then be in contact with the parents to discuss further actions.