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Superintendent Press Release November 3, 2023

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

Only 27 school days left until Holiday break and only 12 days until Thanksgiving Break. Reminder the semester break is a long break, and we are truly sorry to interrupt learning for that long, but we are scheduled to move all of our kitchen equipment into the new facility over break and begin serving breakfast and lunch to students in January in the new facility. This week I received the tentative schedule for completion of the link that will join the new building with our current building. They show January 17th as a substantial completion date. So, our kids may have to walk outside for a couple of weeks but hopefully not long if everything goes as scheduled. Our preschool kids have walked outside to get to lunch for the past 10 years. So, our older kids can do so for a few weeks and hopefully the weather will be mild.

November 10th is our veteran’s day program at the school. The entire community is invited. Please enter the East doors to the gym and know that our entire school population will be there, but we will save the front rows for those that need it.

Today the fire marshal granted us temporary occupancy of the new gym but not the kitchen/cafeteria area of the new building, so students will need to enter on the north instead of the East side. We now have 3 gyms for our high school, middle school and youth sport team as well as our drama/one act to practice and not have to share a space or practice before or late after school. There is still much to be done in the new building including hanging scoreboards, completing data cabling, getting all the small punch list items completed but we are definitely excited to use the new gym on Monday.

Also, I am excited to announce that the school has entered into discussion with the Cedar Bluffs Senior Citizens Center to provide meals. It has taken some time, but we recently received our catering license which allows us to offer this service. The Seniors had asked some time ago because they have had difficulty getting a company to delivery to Cedar Bluffs without a guarantee of a minimum number of meals. Currently, a member must drive to Fremont to retrieve meals and bring them back to the Senior center. The school doesn’t require a set number of meals and can provide meals at a lower cost to our seniors without them leaving town. We are also in discussion with the Senior Citizen’s about allowing our Life Skills kids to come to the center to help serve food, coffee and learn as they socialize with the amazing people at the center. We hope our students as well as the residence will find this collaboration beneficial. Have a great weekend.


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