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Superintendent Weekly Press Release March 19, 2021

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,



For the week of April 19, 2021 Cedar Bluffs remains in the Orange Risk Dial at 2.43. The risk dial moved up from last week’s rating of 2.29 with Dodge and Washington Counties staying the same and Saunders County moving up from 2.29 to 2.43. The DHHS dashboard indicates that roughly 32% of Nebraskan’s have been fully vaccinated. As many of you may have seen, the CDC paused the Johnson and Johnson vaccine rollout after 6 people reported blood clots after receiving the vaccine. More than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine have been administered in the U.S. The CDC and FDA are reviewing data involving six reported U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals after receiving the J&J vaccine. In these cases, a type of blood clot called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) was seen in combination with low levels of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia). All six cases occurred among women between the ages of 18 and 48, and symptoms occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination. Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare.

COVID-19 vaccine safety is a top priority for the federal government, and

they take all reports of health problems following COVID-19 vaccination

very seriously. People who have received the J&J vaccine who develop

severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within

three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider. The

graph to the right was created by Dr. Bob Rauner of Lincoln, that shows

the risk for getting a blood clot from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and as

you can see, it is still extremely low in comparison of US deaths from COVID or even from dying in a car crash.


As of last Friday, DHHS had identified 122 possible vaccine breakthrough cases among Nebraska residents since the vaccine rollout in December. These 122 positive COVID tests happened 14 or more days after being fully vaccinated and with 430,481 Nebraskan being fully vaccinated this represents just 0.03% indicating the vaccine is working for 99.7% of people who receive it.


TOTAL POSITIVE: 46-Students, 61-Parent(s)/Family Members, 31-Staff

THIS WEEK POSITIVE: 0-Students, 0-Parent(s)/Family Members, 0-Staff    CURRENT QUARANTINE: 0

Updates from last week: The two students waiting results from last week, both came back negative for Coronavirus.

This will be the 8th week in a row with zero Positive COVID cases to report. As I said previously, we do have students and family members who continue to get tested because they are having symptoms, but no positive cases have resulted in these tests over the past several weeks.