Superintendent Newsletter September 8, 2023

Superintendent Press Release September 8, 2023

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

As you know Cedar Bluffs Public School has started a Capital Campaign to raise funds to build a High School Track. Throughout the year, Mr. Brinkman will be promoting fund raisers where the receipts will go toward the construction of the new track.  This month, Mr. Brinkman has teamed up with Funds2Orgs to accept gently used shoes. If you have some laying around the house that you no longer wear please bring them to the school, they will be repurposed for 3rd world countries and Cedar Bluffs Public School will receive a small donation. So far this organization has kept 32 million shoes from landfills and returned over $11 million to organizations throughout the world.


For those that are unaware, all students at Cedar Bluffs Public School must complete at least 40 hours of community service to be eligible to graduate. The school routinely organizes and creates opportunities for our students starting as freshman with the idea that 10 hours per year is important to give back to our communities. However, students can seek out hours on their own and routinely do prior to graduation. We had some very creative service-learning opportunities but if you child is interested in doing more, I do have a list of things that can be accomplished. If interested, please have your child stop by my office during school.


Next week is Homecoming week. Each day the students have a themed dress up day, hallways can be decorated Sunday night the 10th, as the school is open from 5:30pm-8pm. The Junior High dance is at the auditorium and the High School dance is in the gym Saturday starting at 8:30pm. Please look for more information as it comes out throughout the week.


 Have a great weekend -  Wildcat Pride!