Weekly “Wildcat” Bulletin 

Week of – August 27th-31st 

Monday, August 27th 

Mr. Hansen-gone 

Ms. Hanzel-gone until 11:00am 

Tuesday, August 28th 

HS Girls Softball 4:30pm Twin River Titans @ Northbend Central 

also 7:30pm Tekamah-Herman Tigers @ Northbend Central 

9AM Heads of Department Meeting 

Wednesday, August 29th 

Mr. Ptomey-gone 8am-1pm 

Thursday, August 30th 

Girls Golf in Murdock 

Hegy gone-Sub Rath 

HS Girls Softball 7:00pm Boone Central Cardinals @ Boone Central 

Friday, August 31st 

HS Football game @ Omaha Brownell 

7:00pm Talbot Raiders 

Ms. Hanzel-gone 

FBLA Officer’s Breakfast 7:30am