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Superintendent Press Release October 14, 2022

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

New year, new teacher, and new ideas. As our school has grown from around 120 students in the elementary to now pushing almost 300 students in our PK-6, we have had to adjust several traditional activities. For the past 5 years we have noticed that the PK-12 Holiday Music Program is chaotic and overcrowded. So, the idea that a committee of teachers, parents and staff came up with is that all our groups will still have a music concert, but we will spread them out over the year and one group will perform during the traditional Holiday Concert with the Middle and High School. Each year we will rotate which group has the traditional Holiday Concert but this year the 2nd and 3rd grade students will perform December 9th and the middle and high school students will perform December 13th. The 4th and 5th grade students will perform November 4th and the PK-1 group will perform February 24th. There will also be other performances by the middle and high school as well some end of year concerts in April that are still being planned. We hope this improves the quality of our programs and provides parents with multiple opportunities to enjoy our music and choir performances.

Next week on October 18th, we will have Cara Filler speaking to our 6-12th grade at 11am in the gymnasium. She is a National Motivational Speaker that addresses peer pressure, building resiliency, risk taking and traffic safety. She is part of a grant acquired by Three Rivers Health and is speaking at several surrounding schools.

Also, next week on Wednesday October 19th, the juniors will be taking the required State test, which is the ACT. Please help your junior get lots of sleep the night before, have a good attitude and encourage them to do their best. Nebraska will use the results of this test as part of the school’s report card. A helpful hint, make sure you tell your child to never leave any answers blank. Students are awarded points for each question they answer correctly, and no points are deducted for incorrect answers. So, remind them that even if they feel the need to guess on a question, remember, they will not be penalized if they get it wrong and they have at least a 25% chance of getting it right as opposed to leaving it blank.

Mark your Calendars SENIOR PARENTS!! Thursday October 20th is Apply to College Day. Parents are invited that day to work with our counselors and their child on filling out the online FASFA forms and applying to colleges. The session will begin at 12:30pm in the business office and be led by High School Counselor, Mrs. Fitzgerald. Please email Mrs. Fitzgerald if you have any questions regarding this day!

Have a great weekend!

#Wildcat Pride!