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Superintendent Press Release October 21, 2022

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

Don’t forget TRUNK or TREAT this Sunday, October 23rd at the Fire Hall. Our FBLA has been doing a Community Halloween event for the past 15 years maybe even longer? When I came in 2012, Mrs. Stansberry was in charge of the FBLA and we had the Cedar Bluffs Boo Bash with haunted paths, scary mazes and it was more geared for the young adult. When Mrs. Chrisman took over FBLA in 2017 they continued with organizing the Boo Bash but in 2019 they started Trunk or Treat that is geared more toward elementary students with fun games, face paintings and lots of candy. Please come if you can!

Just a reminder, Parent-Teacher Conferences next week with no school Friday. Please come and hear all the wonderful things your child is accomplishing. That night we will also have the School Improvement Survey’s available if you haven’t had a chance to complete them before this night. Otherwise, you are welcome to do so at this link: - we really do value your input.

Many of you may have heard that the Fremont YMCA will not continue our daycare service at Cedar Bluffs Public School by ending their contract with the school at semester. So as a result, we have begun to file paperwork to have the Cedar Bluffs Education Foundation hold the Cedar Bluffs Early Childhood Center License. That way the center will continue as it currently does starting in January. If the Public School held the license, we would be required to meet Rule 11 requirements through the Nebraska Department of Education as well as all rules required by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Rule 11 regulations would make the CB Childhood Center financially unsustainable. We do not expect any changes in the wonderful services provided by our Early Childhood Center and believe we can even grow this program under the new leadersip. If you know anyone looking for Childcare and might be interested, please have them contact Kate Chrisman at the school 402-628-2080. We still have the lowest rates available for Birth to 3 and once a child turns 4, they are eligible for our FREE PreSchool program.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

#Wildcat Pride!