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Superintendent Press Release November 11, 2022

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

Reminder Adult Bingo Saturday night November 12th, starting at 7pm in the Auditorium hosted by the Cedar Bluffs PTO. If you have time, please try to attend. Our PTO does an incredible job of supporting our students and staff.

I hope all of you had an opportunity to vote for your favorite candidate. All three of our incumbent school board members were reelected. The Nebraska legislation will be called into session January 4, 2023, and one of the first things they will do in their 90 day session is elect members to various committees. Especially important to public schools is the election of the chair to the Education Committee. Last legislative session that position was served by Mrs. Lynn Walz of Fremont who did an excellent job. Mrs. Walz is a former teacher, which gives her great insight into issues related to education.

How fitting this week that we celebrated Veterans Day with a program at the school. Veterans Day is a time to honor all those who have fought to preserve democracy which is what we were able to do this week by voting. We are indebted to all of those who have served in any of the armed forces, for those who have come before us and those continuing to protect our rights and additionally this week, I want to thank the poll workers, who worked so diligently to ensure our democratic process of elections. So, to all the Veterans along with our fire fighters, policemen and women and all of those who work for the public good, I thank you.

Basketball season is upon us, the middle school boys program travels this weekend to Falls City to compete in an invitational tournament and high school basketball and wrestling practices officially start Monday. The middle school boys have 17 young men out for basketball, the high school girls have 19 signed up and our high school boys have 13 participating in basketball. The High School Wrestling team has 7 participants.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and the school is closed November 23 – 25th so that you may celebrate the holiday with family. As we do each year, our FCS class will be preparing meals for some of our families, the school will contact those families the week of Thanksgiving and you can pick up your meals at the school on the 22nd.

Have a wonderful weekend!

#Wildcat Pride!