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Superintendent Press Release January 27, 2023

Dear Cedar Bluffs Families,

 As we move into February, construction is still hampered by winter weather. However, the outside foundation has finally been poured and by the end of the next week the internal cross foundations and cap should be complete. The outside foundation is quite large and deeper than frost depth, but the internal cross ties are less massive. Large metal buildings have a tendency to pull outward and having concrete cross beams to anchor the foundation are vital to the strength of the building.  If they finish by the end of next week with concrete, this would mean that crews could begin to erect the structure of the steel building. The original schedule had the completion of the erection of the structure by January 25, 2023. It was estimated to be a 20-day process. So, from what they are telling me now, they are looking at beginning the structure erection by the end of next week, more likely February 6th, that would mean they are 33 days behind schedule. I am being told that normally one crew would do the erection, which led to the 20-day estimate. But Cheever is asking that 2 crews come to erect, in an effort to reduce the days behind schedule. Construction time is really important for us as a school, since I do not want to start the school year with the kitchen and cafeteria in the same place it is now and then try to figure out how to move everything over to the new location after school starts. We are reusing many of the pieces of kitchen equipment from our current kitchen in the new building and thinking about the logistics of cooking one day in one area and then moving equipment into the new area to cook the next is not feasible. In most years, the school board approves the new calendar for the next year in our February board meeting. With construction behind, I have asked to board to wait until later in the year to approve next year’s calendar in case we have to move the start of school back a week or two. I do apologize. I know this is an inconvenience as I like to have next year’s calendars done in February so parents can plan vacations around the start of school. If construction continues to fall behind, the other option is to start school and continue with the current kitchen and cafeteria and make the move over Christmas Break. This is not ideal but another possibility. 

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